Rise of the Machines

Machines helping is the only way to go. 

The Inventor Demonstrates

Check out this great video. The ease of operation saves time and money.


Can we help you?

We are who you have been looking for. We have the ability to assist the small production house  or assist in laying the plans of the largest LP’s in production.  We are confident that we have what you need and we can respond quickly. Growing experience is important and we have that too, coming from a licensed producer background in the field. Go to those who know! Call us! 

Real testimonials

BC Bud Grower

I have been using one of these machines for over two years and I am still amazed at the quality job it does. It has saved me thousands of man hours, which means tens of thousands of dollars. The buds have all the trichomes intact and there is next to no finish trim to be done afterwards. If you are looking to save money, time and get rid of the head ache of dealing with human trimmers this is the way to go!!!

Mark T 502 grower WA

Ultra trimmer, I love you! You took 30 days of hell of the trimmers -arguing over who got the bigger buds, feeding them, stealing the pot, etc. I used to have 20 to 30 trimmers daily for 30 days or more. Ultra trimmer made it to where I could hire four people and be done in 4 days! This thing is amazing! I’ve used all of the other trimmers on the market. I’ve rented them, they’ve come to the 502 grow to trim and demonstrate, but they destroy trichomes – this is the only machine that will not destroy trichomes and save my sanity.

Aaron, My name is Aaron and I’ve been keeping an eye on this company from the beginning. Compared to all of the other trimmers on the market this is the ONLY one you can call a true trimmer for cannabis. That is exactly what it was designed for. The tumblers and scrapers on the market DESTROY the trichomes on your bud. Everything these guys have been saying on these testimonials is common knowledge to master growers, but all the newbies and the amateurs think that you just throw it in a machine and don’t have to touch it. Come back in 20-30 minutes and it will magically be done – that’s never going to happen. The bud should never be in a machine longer than it would take to put a pair of scissors to it – we’re talking SECONDS not MINUTES. That is what this machine delivers. Instead of holding one bud and running scissors around it, you put many buds on the scissor table and roll the buds on and off. Just like the guy says in the videos, this thing is GENIUS. This thing will dominate the industry for people who care about the quality and potency of their products.

Current Deals ?

You will have to get in touch with us or see us at one of the venues. We have surprises up our sleeve, but they are not for everyone. Best cannabis / marijuana trimming machine available today. Is the world's greatest trimming table

Share the big news

We are so excited to announce that we are the new representatives for UltraTrimmer. We have hands on, in the field experience and we know how much time and money this machine will save you. We are dedicated to come to you because we know that once you see it in action, you will not be able to say no. It won’t be “Do you think we should get one of these machines?”  You will be saying “How many of these can you get us and how soon!” We believe this machine will change your life and your production will increase by 50% or the manufacturer will give you your money back. Wow, what other manufacturer will do that? Enough promotion. We look forward to meeting or seeing you at the show.

About Us

Quality Yields & Potency


Our years of experience in the field has led us to here!  After using every known device, machine and person for our personal medical harvest experience, we are very proud to represent field tested harvesting equipment that ensures the quality of your end product & yields.  Our mission is to provide the best tools and education possible, to engineer the proper path to full potency retention; which in turn will provide your clients with the cannabis experience they deserve. 

Cannabis and Healing


We offer a broad array of cannabis harvesting equipment all centered around our flagship tool, The Ultratrimmer! We are geared to address any questions you may have and provide "feel" demonstrations at your facilities to see the truth with your own eyes and cannabis. Our team will guide you through  our harvesting options to make sure that you are comfortable with your potency retention plan.

Our Promise to You


In order to provide our clients with the highest level of service, our goal is to create a potency retention plan that will best suit your comapany & employees needs. This may include our full line of harvesting tools, a potency retention audit and an employee certification program by field experts.



The loss of potency taboo

The active component of the cannabis plant, cannabinoids, is what all your hardwork and infrastructure is built for. Unfortunately in today's profit driven industry, time is of the essence, but it comes with a price.  Today choices of automated tumbler, fan and vaccum systems; shear, blow & suck the key active componants off your flower.  A 3-5% loss in THC can contribute to a 20-30% loss in overall profit potential and loss in customer retention. Our Ultratrimmer equipment is the only harvesting tool that has shown to  inhibit the migration of trichome heads from your end product. Having intact potency and higher yeilds coupled with faster harvesting times is recipe for greater returns on your investment.  



Our Equipmemt Doesnt Take Breaks

Maintenance consists of the occassional wipe down and lubrication of the cutting table surfaces, which keep them going strong. Built from food grade stainless steel, with few moving parts and  driven by a powerful electric motor, there is literally no downtime.  Daily clean ups are a breeze and our machines run for 18 hours per day without any issues. This allows for multiple shifts on one manchine with high efficiency. For larger operations we suggest having multiple systems in cycle allowing for down time for cleaning while keeping the processing room operational. We recognize that time  is money.



The Chronic Pain - Harvesting

Employees who suffer from chronic pain caused by harvesting can be a real medical issue. The hours of trimming can burn out an employee, cause repetitive movement injuries, back and shoulder pain which are all experienced in the industry.   Companies that have trouble finding & retaining harvest staff love our machine.  Because of our technology, producers have been turning to UltraTrimmer for their medical & rereational cannabis processing needs.  Our commercial tables & UltraTrimmer certification program will be a force multplier to any operation. 

Our mission is to provided the tools for long term employee opportunity, high potency rentention and increased yields.


Our Team


Dr. John Sargent, DNM,DHS

Years of experience in Administration and Sales gives John the background to guide your project, in the best interest of all. Experience in logistics are important in our time sensitive industry and John has the know how to handle your requirements seamlessly. 

Customer Service is paramount in his day to day operations.


Jeffrey Sargent, Potency Engineer

Having a decade of experience in the field of production and processing, Jeffrey is the competant choice to assist your increase in production yield. He is the go to guy for knowing how to retain and even increase your bottom line. Having used most devices in the field gives him first hand knowledge and allows for an exciting demonstration.

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